AfriLabs Annual Gathering 2023

The AfriLabs Annual Gathering is AfriLabs’ flagship event that provides a unique opportunity for tech hubs within the AfriLabs network and other stakeholders of the African technology and innovation ecosystem (such as corporates, development agencies, academia, and investors) to convene, network, learn and share knowledge.

The 2023 AfriLabs Annual Gathering themed “Accelerating Africa’s Digital Economy; by the Strength of our Community.” will hold from Wednesday the 11th to Friday the 13th of October 2023 at Kigali, Rwanda and will be co-hosted by AfriLabs Member Hub, 250STARTUPS.


“AfriLabs appreciates the people, government, and innovation community in Rwanda for the strides they have made in positioning themselves as one of the most progressive countries on the continent. We thank the Honorable Minister for putting her weight behind platforms like the AfriLabs Annual Gathering. We look forward to onboarding more partners as we approach the Gathering. To the entire African innovation ecosystem, see you in Kigali in October.”

Anna Ekeledo

Executive Director, AfriLabs

“Rwanda is always open to welcome regional and global innovators, and more so to champion critical conversations that unlock forward-looking policies and opportunities for the start-up ecosystem. Our goal is to empower scalable startups that collectively transform our communities with cutting edge innovations.”

Hon. Paula Ingabire

Rwanda’s Minister of Information and Communications Technology (ICT)


AfriLabs Annual Gathering 2023: Accelerating Africa's Digital Economy; by the Strength of our Community.

“This year, we are putting the spotlight on the ability of the AfriLabs community and the innovation ecosystem as a whole to grow the continent’s digital economy to be one of the biggest in the world”

Join us as we explore


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Past AfriLabs Annual Gathering

“The AfriLabs Annual Gathering 2021 marked a monumental milestone for the African


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Schedules planned out for the Event

The detailed list of event for the congerence AfriLabs 2020

9:15AM - 9:30AM

Moetaz Helmy, Board Chair AfriLabs (4 Mins) Annual Gathering Consortium Members (8 Mins) Anna Ekeledo, Executive Director AfriLabs (3 Mins)...

9:30AM - 9:40AM

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Hon. Felix Mutati / Minister of Technology and Science Zambia
10:00AM - 10:05AM

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Dexter Fundanga
12:40PM - 2:10PM

Using Collaborative Research to Foster African Innovation and Development During this workshop, hosted by the AfriLabs Research Group, participants will...

4:15PM -4:45PM

This session highlights major updates from the AfriLabs secretariat including new direction, new products and new partnerships. We will share...

Anna Ekeledo / Executive Director AfriLabs
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10:10AM - 10:15AM

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Ajibola Odukoya / Chief Operating Officer AfriLabs
10:15AM - 10:20AM

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Rebecca Enonchong / Founder and CEO AppsTech
2:05PM - 4:05PM

Transforming Agriculture through Continental Collaboration, Innovative Financing, Support for Agritech Startups and Fostering Growth and Impact through Hubs This workshop...

Moetaz Helmy, Board Chair AfriLabs. Linda Kwamboka, Board Secretary AfriLabs. Kudzai Mubaiwa, Board Treasurer AfriLabs. Elodie Crescence Nonga-Kenla, Board Francophone...

7:00PM - 10:00PM

Hosted by Bongo Hive Hosted by WEAC Work in Progress Dinner – Lesson Learned from Female Founder Accelerator Programs The...

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Event conference speaker

AfriLabs Annual Gathering 2022

“The Gathering this year focuses on the innate ability of Africa to build Africa. We want to look inward and interrogate how we can scale the innovation economy regionally and across the continent.

Emeka Uzoigwe

Mr . Emeka Uzoigwe is the acting Director, Strategy and Innovation at Afreximbank, a pan-African Multilateral Development Bank (MDB) with...

Emeka Uzoigwe

Director Strategy and Innovation at Afreximbank
Eric Kariuki Mwangi

Eric Kariuki Mwangi is the founder and head of the HiiL Innovation Hub East Africa. A serial social entrepreneur, founder...

Eric Kariuki Mwangi

Founder and Head of the HiiL Innovation Hub East Africa
Odiong Akpan

Odiong Akpan leads and manages Caspania (www.caspania.com) – a digital business advisory firm  focused on helping individuals, startup founders and...

Odiong Akpan

Managing Director Caspania, Nigeria


What People Say?

“I found amazing value in the University of Brad workshop, especially the presentation by Jordi of venture kick. Being able to set the Vice President to host us and show us how powerful AfriLabs has become and I see this as a great opportunity to get buy-in by the government going forward”

Ennovate Lab, Nigeria

“I found the visit to be very exciting, with new insights into processes and business models for hubs”

HYBR South Africa

“…understanding better the growth of startups in the African ecosystem. The awesome networking and the great initiatives such as Catalytic Africa”.

Fayo Williams, Exponential hub, Nigeria

“The most useful aspect for me was the panel on investment and unveiling of Catalytic Africa”

GiLab, Senegal

“I loved the networking”

Anne Lawi, Pangea Accelerator. Kenya

“I found the workshops useful, also the tea breaks, networking sessions were an interesting opportunity to connect with hub managers and representatives”

Briter Bridges, Nigeria

“Networking and the powerful insights to the networking things hubs can do to help its community”

Mal Hub, Nigeria

“I am excited to be here, the Annual Gathering especially, because I see it as an opportunity for young Africans and innovative minds to contribute to our journey to self-reliance in the continent. I am a Pan African, also the networking gives room for startups like me to be able to leverage different tech hubs, creative hubs across the continent to scale their startups, which is something that I have been looking forward to”.

“The tour is quite refreshing and especially coming to the Nile University where we have dome innovative courses that have been updated to their curriculum, it is a beautiful thing to see that we have this in Nigeria. it gives us an opportunity for people who are not able to go outside the continent, the labs we visited, I am excited to see the ecosystem that has been put in place”

Comfort Onyaga, Izanu Africa. Nigeria

“The most useful aspect is the panelists’ sessions and especially that of day two”

Esther Narisubuoa, WITTY HUB. Nigeria

“I am a guest startup, I liked the networking and getting contacts of possible hubs to get affiliated with”

A startup founder in Nigeria

“…placing faces to names”

Tatenda Ruswa, Dream Factory Foundation, Botswana

“...all aspect of the gathering was very useful, particularly the WhatsApp group chat that made it easy for people to get on time and real-time feedback to questions that usually come as conferences go on”

Itoro Emembolu, Tech Quest STEM Academy, Nigeria

“The session on supporting Startups to scale across Africa”

The Assembly Hub, Nigeria

“The Economy discussion at the Hilton and the Gala night at the State House”

Venture Platform, Nigeria

“Networking, Innovation Tours and Panel Discussions”

Zanaco Innovation Lab, Zambia

“Increased capacity and valuable connections I will use to accelerate my growth”

HYBR South Africa

“Networking among hubs, AfriLabs and partners across the continent is a rare opportunity. I am sure this will lead to more learning and partnership”

Collins Kimaro, Obuntu Hub, Tanzania

“Knowledge from the workshop will be used in better understanding of how to circumvent current operational bottlenecks”

Simon Asare, TED Hub, Ghana


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