AfriLabs Annual Gathering

Celebrating Cultural Diversity and Innovation: The AfriLabs Annual Gala

Uniting Cultures, Fostering Innovation, and Strengthening Africa’s Tech Ecosystem

The AfriLabs Annual Gala is not your typical glamorous event; it is a vibrant celebration of the rich and diverse cultures that make up the AfriLabs network. This Gala serves as a crossroads where members and stakeholders from various African regions come together to showcase and embrace their cultural identities. More than just a night of festivities, the Gala promotes inclusivity, fosters cultural exchange and learning, and inspires innovation by recognizing the profound influence of culture on creativity.

A Journey through Time

The tradition of the AfriLabs Annual Gala began in 2021 during the AfriLabs Annual Gathering in Abuja, Nigeria. This inaugural event was hosted in partnership with the Vice-President of Nigeria, marking the beginning of an annual tradition that would unite African cultures in celebration. The 2022 edition took place in Zambia and was graciously hosted by the Minister of Technology and Science, Zambia, Hon. Felix Mutati.

The Art in Our Culture

This year, the AfriLabs Annual Gala is set to take place on the 11th of October 2023, from 7 pm GMT+2 to 11 pm GMT+2, with the esteemed patronage of Hon. Paula Ingabire, the Minister of ICT & Innovation. The theme for the event is “The Art in Our Culture,” celebrating the artistic expressions that define our diverse African heritage.

As a cherished part of the AfriLabs tradition, the Gala provides attendees with an opportunity to network and immerse themselves in local sights and sounds. This year’s dress code encourages an artistic expression of one’s culture, adding a layer of creativity and individuality to the evening. The event will be hosted at The Serena Hotel, Kigali, Rwanda, in conjunction with the AfriLabs Annual Gathering 2022.

A Gathering of Innovators

The AfriLabs Annual Gathering is the flagship event of AfriLabs. It serves as a unique platform where technology hubs within the AfriLabs network, alongside other stakeholders from the African technology and innovation ecosystem, come together to convene, network, learn, and share knowledge. The Gathering is a testament to the collaborative spirit that drives AfriLabs’ mission.

The Ministry of ICT: Driving Innovation

The Ministry of ICT & Innovation plays a pivotal role in fostering economic growth and poverty reduction in Rwanda. Through the development and coordination of policies and programs related to information, technology, communication, and innovation, the Ministry empowers citizens and drives technological advancement not only within Rwanda but also across the African continent.

The AfriLabs Annual Gala is more than an elegant soirée; it is a platform for the Ministry of ICT to promote the Rwandan ecosystem and the broader African tech landscape. The evening is dedicated to facilitating invaluable networking opportunities, attracting investment, showcasing remarkable talent within the community, and fostering a culture of innovation.

A Lasting Legacy

The AfriLabs Annual Gala Dinner is poised to remain in the spotlight for years to come, leaving a lasting impact on the African tech and innovation community. The 3rd edition in Kigali is a testament to the unwavering commitment of the AfriLabs community and the support of the Rwandan Ministry of ICT to drive growth, innovation, and collaboration within the technology and innovation sector in Africa.

In conclusion, the AfriLabs Annual Gala is more than just a celebration of cultures; it is a symbol of unity, innovation, and collaboration. It highlights the unique intersection of culture and creativity that drives the African tech ecosystem forward. As the Gala continues to evolve and expand its reach, it promises to be a beacon of inspiration and a catalyst for positive change in Africa’s technology and innovation landscape. Join us this year from October 11 – 13. Register for the AfriLabs Annual Gathering –

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