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Parallel Workshops

Transforming Agriculture through Continental Collaboration, Innovative Financing, Support for Agritech Startups and Fostering Growth and Impact through Hubs

This workshop will focus on how hubs, Accelerators and ESOs can better support agritech startups, how hubs can be well equipped and create programs to harness the best from these agripreneurs. What are the financing options available and how can we start by creating cross border solutions that will boost our production volume.? How can we create value across the board and how can we use tech to blur the lines in our value chain.? Creating synergies to support brick and mortar entrepreneurs to be tech enabled entrepreneurs How can technology be a lever to transform agriculture in Africa.?


Paul Mbua – Zixtech HUB – Lead for Agritech Workshop – Cameroon

Ntieche Njilou Christian – Founder IT Kola – Cameroon

Buffy Okeke-Ojiudu – Founder EATs Nigeria – Nigeria

Sasa Straus – DIH AGRIFOOD – Slovenia

Paul Jeanjille – Ivory Coast

Francis Omorojie – Founder Ennovate Hub – Tanzania

Flo Mosoane – AgriFood Ecosystem Developer

Startup Visas for Africa Workshop by Lawyers Hub

This Workshop will, therefore, seek to explore and inform about the digital policy challenges and opportunities that tech startups, ecosystem enablers and governments can influence to create an enabling continental environment for scaling of tech innovations.


Poncelet . O. Ileleji, CEO JokkoLabs Banjul Gambia.

Charles Uche Emembolu, Co-Founder and Director of Roar and Tech Quest Nigeria

Morgan Gikonyo, Digital Policy Officer at the Lawyers Hub.

Eric Kariuki Mwangi, Founder and Head of the HiiL Innovation Hub East Africa

The Future of your Ecosystem is Female

This interactive workshop will be hosted by GIZ Make IT and will explore challenges in achieving gender parity within hubs internal teams and participating cohorts of entrepreneurs; identify opportunities for building hubs with a deliberate gender-lens; and point to quick wins that build momentum towards a longer term position and strategy for real transformation.


LelembaLelemba Phiri, PhD, Principal and FounderPrincipal and Founder Africa Trust Group

Innovating for African Governments by AU Digital and Innovation Fellowship

The AU Digital and Innovation Fellowship session will be hosted by AU Tech and will provide a unique opportunity for its 13 program fellows that are deployed to different units/ organs of the African Union to showcase and amplify the program achievements but to also engage the larger innovation ecosystem and its stakeholders during the Annual Gathering. This comes at a time where most of the fellows are already advanced in building their frameworks and products for their respective units There is a need to continue to showcase the program and fellows through the right platforms to amplify the achievements of the program as the first cohort rounds up early 2023. This will include a showcase session, a workshop and brochures/ information packs shared to attendees.


Sabina N. Nforba PMP, Digital and Innovation Tech Fellow at the African Union HQ

Prasanth Kumar, Partnerships & Programs Advisor, AfriLabs.

Ms. Janice Khumalo, Youth Engagement Lead, Women, Gender and Youth Directorate (WGYD).

Kofi Sedalo, Senior Technology Officer, AfriLabs; CEO of SIMNET Ghana

Demola Adesina, Advisor, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

Innovation & Data Stewardship -What’s Lean Data Practices (LDP) Got to Do With it, Anyway? by Mozilla

An Interactive Session on Concrete Applications of the Lean Data Practices: the ABC’s of LDP After the workshop, participants will have a clear understanding of Mozilla’s values and products generally, and specifically our initiatives in the Africa region. Workshop attendees will unpack one of the LDP principles using real life examples, and have the opportunity to troubleshoot and ask questions around any “pain points” to operationalizing LDP in their organizations.


Alice Munyua, Sr. Director of Africa Innovation Mradi, Mozilla.

Britney Crooks, Director of Innovation & Product Strategy, Mozilla.

Nneka Ekechukwu-Soyinka, Sr. Privacy Manager, Mozilla.

Noémie Hailu, Africa Innovation Mradi Program Manager, Mozilla.

Tech Hubs : Utiliser l'innovation et la Collaboration pour une Croissance Inclusive organized by AfriLabs Francophone Community.

L’objectif premier de cet atelier, en dehors du fait que cela concerne beaucoup plus les francophones, sera de limiter au maximum cet écart franco-anglo que ce soit dans la compréhension, participation durant les ateliers et dans l’appropriation des résultats de travail.


Jean Dominique OUEDRAOGO, Chargé de Programmes d’accompagnement Mahna Mali.

Igniting Growth of the Zambian Tech and Innovation Ecosystem by International Trade Centre (ITC)

The workshop will focus on reigniting the Network of Zambian Hubs. After ITC’s the launch of the Tech Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Mapping in Zambia, ITC aims to use report findings and take this opportunity to bring back all Zambian hubs and reignite discussions and connections for the benefit of the ecosystem. The session will include a discussion about the role of Zambian hubs, government, and partners to develop an innovative start-up ecosystem, a brief presentation of the new Consortium of Zambian hubs, goals, and future ambitions and, a workshop discussion on what opportunities remain, how can ecosystem actors be involved, what’s next for hubs in Zambia.


Patrick Shatamuka, Head Operations & Programs – WEAC Zambia

  Lukonga Lindunda, Executive Director and Co-founder of The BongoHive Group, Zambia

Nuria Rull, Programme Officer at United Nations International Trade Centre (ITC)

 Jane Mubanga Chinkusu, Director, Science and Technology at the Ministry of Higher Education Zambia

Greenovations – Pan African Platform to Strengthen Youth and Women Green Innovators and Entrepreneurs (UNU-ViE)

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