12:40PM - 2:10PM

Parallel Workshops

Using Collaborative Research to Foster African Innovation and Development

During this workshop, hosted by the AfriLabs Research Group, participants will be introduced to the uses and benefits of collaborative research for innovation and development. Speakers will discuss the relevance of research in different sectors, with examples in Artificial intelligence (AI), Clean Tech and Renewable Energy. Also, the central role of the AfriLabs Research Group as a research Centre of Excellence will be explained.


Courage Asase, Managing Director, Node Eight, Ghana

Kelvin Dafiaghor, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Artificial Intelligence Hub, Nigeria

Jeremy Riro, Fie Labs Innovation Hub, Kenya

Chioma Ewurum, Head of Research, Clean Technology Hub, Nigeria

Odiong Akpan, Managing Director Caspania, Nigeria

Dr. Itoro EmemboluDr. Itoro Emembolu, (Ph.D), Director TechQuest Lagos Nigeria

Report on the SCALE approach for Effective Enterprise Development organised by Wylde International

The session will be hosted by Wylde International and will provide a space for sharing the scale methodology with the AfriLabs participants through conversations that touch on effective delivery of incubation, acceleration and business development services. This includes identification of criteria of entrepreneurs, identifying of the critical success factors, monitoring and evaluation of successful coaching, charging entrepreneurs and implementing the same lessons they are teaching entrepreneurs. The breakout rooms will give them a platform to engage in panel sessions with hub managers implementing these concepts and consider the SCALE method in view of their current practices.


Chris Odongo, CEO of WYLDE International Ltd and Co-founder of SNDBX Kenya.

Franciscah Nzanga, Chief Operations Officer at Villgro Africa Kenya.

Maurice N.A. Caschinco, Managing Director KumasiHive Ghana.

Sheilah Birgen, Country Lead KTN Global Alliance Africa (GAA) Kenya.

John Rexford Nzira, Executive Director Twende Social Innovation Centre Tanzania.

Workshop by AfreximBank

The Future Collaboration between North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystem


Rene Parker, CEO RLabs South Africa

Adnane Addioui, Président Moroccan Center for Innovation and Social Innovation and Ashoka Fellow

Yahya Yousif, Founder at Savannah Innovation Labs Sudan, Operations Lead at Bloom (YCW22).

The Role of Ecosystem Stakeholders in Catalysing Deep Tech Growth in Africa. by Intel.

This will be a 90 minute session that will be hosted by Intel and will engage ecosystem stakeholders to share some insights on their Deep Tech report and open for further discussion with participants. The session will include a brief introduction to Intel, introduction to Intel Ignite, introduction to Intel one API for startups, and then a launch of Intel Deep Tech Report with insights from the report.


Dr. Bienvenu AGBOKPONTO SOGLO – Director, Government Affairs Africa & IGA CTO Liaison (PE)

Kate Hach – Head of Program at Intel Ignite’s Accelerator

Ralph de Wargny – Director Intel oneAPI for Startups program

National Networks Workshop

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