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AfriLabs Annual Gathering 2022

Lukonga Lindunda

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Name: Lukonga Lindunda

Post: Co-Founder and Executive Director BongoHive Technology and Innovation Hub

Categories: Main Session, Speaker

Lukonga Lindunda is a Startup Ecosystem Builder, Executive Director and Co-founder of The BongoHive Group in Zambia, which includes BongoHive Innovations, an award-winning innovation and technology hub changing the landscape of innovation and entrepreneurship in the region, BongoHive Consult, a digital transformation and innovation consulting firm, and Hive Co-working, a shared workspace facility.

Lukonga has steered BongoHive in supporting nearly 2000 enterprises since 2011 and has spearheaded public and private partnerships with local and global firms to leverage the ecosystem work that BongoHive does. Lukonga’s vision goes beyond the private sector and Zambia, having realised the interconnected path of the regions development and the complexity of creating a viable support network for entrepreneurship and innovation development.