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AfriLabs Annual Gathering 2022

Maurice Otieno

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Name: Maurice Otieno

Post: Executive Director Baraza Media Lab

Categories: Main Session, Speaker

I am an avid community and ecosystem builder, who is passionate about helping  entrepreneurs, corporates and investors achieve their goals. I enjoy doing the above by  connecting them to relevant resources and people. Consistently, I have been inspired by  innovative ideas and collaborative problem-solving. Going out of my way to be part of a  solution and mostly through connecting people is not a surprise to many. I am an  entrepreneur myself with a deep passion for building things people love, especially  around travel and community.

Before joining the Baraza Media Lab team I was part of the founding team of Metta  Nairobi and worked at Strathmore Business School as a program manager for the MBA  Program. Where I emphasized networking as a tool for growth and organized numerous  networking event for MBA students. I worked as an accountant in various firms in  Kenya including General Motor East Africa, Farmchem Limited and Sameer Africa and  Sanofi

Due, to my love for nature, physical fitness and building communities. I founded  Kampnoo Camping, a camping and hiking outfit in Kenya. I am also part of the founding  team of ASSEK (Association of Startup and SME Enablers of Kenya).

My primary interests are incorporate innovation, storytelling, media, entrepreneurship,  impact investing and VCs, emerging/frontier markets and community building.