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AfriLabs Annual Gathering 2022

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Name: Buffy Okeke

Post: Founder EATs Nigeria

Categories: Parallel Session, Speaker

Buffy Okeke-Ojiudu is a Nigerian businessman and the Chief Executive Officer of the Zebra Group, an organisation with interests in agro-processing, media and economic development.

Buffy is the founder of Zebra Agro-Industries, an agro-processing & technology company that works alongside rural communities and State

governments to develop agricultural businesses. Zebra aims to create sustainable jobs, build local economic development, and expand the

income of small-holder farmers, by developing a ‘last mile’ network of aggregation centers and processing factories, as well as offering farmer

support services.

In 2020 Buffy founded E.A.T (Entrepreneurs for Agriculture Transformation), a platform for agro-entrepreneurs, policy makers and

executives to share their ideas, experiences and insights with each other and the general public.

Buffy is the publisher of the Abuja Times Newspaper. He also, sits as the chairman of the Ojiudu Foundation – a philanthropic organisation

focused on creating opportunities for underprivileged youth in West-Africa. In 2015 Buffy was featured on the TRUE AFRICA 100 List – of

innovators, opinion-formers, game-changers, pioneers, dreamers and mavericks that are shaping the Africa of today. He is a TED Speaker and

frequently speaks at public forums, sharing ideas and advising government authorities.

Prior to heading the Zebra group, Buffy worked with the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) as a program management

officer at the ECOWAS Headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria. Buffy possesses a Law degree from the University of Sheffield (UK) and a Masters degree

from Harvard University.